Habits of Mind Blog

Jul 20 2015
By Al Cuoco

Researchers at EDC describe some of the design principles that run across our K–12 mathematics curricula and professional development programs. These principles have been implemented in several NSF-supported programs, including elementary, middle school, high school, and undergraduate curricula...

Jun 22 2015
By Milo Taylor

Milo Tayor is a graduate student in mathematics at Iowa State University, focusing on numerical work. He is new to the DEbT-M Partnership, joining during this summer's workshop. He is interested in pedagogy as it relates to his current career path....

May 07 2015
By Kevin Waterman

EDC’s Eden Badertscher and Babette Moeller will co-facilitate the session Enhancing Teachers’ Capacity to Make Common Core State Standards-Based...

Apr 19 2015
By E. Paul Goldenberg & Cynthia J. Carter

Puzzles build mathematical practice: stamina/perseverance; seeking/using entry points and structure; and logical argument. Well chosen, they're also great carriers of content. Problems worth solving are often puzzle-like even if not literally "puzzles.” This Powerpoint presentation contains the...

Apr 13 2015
By Kevin Waterman