• Focus on Educators. Our workshops immerse teachers in the practice of mathematics, providing knowledge and tools to develop students' mathematical thinking.
  • Focus on Students. Our curriculum programs are student-centered and problem-based, emphasizing the interplay between mathematical thinking and technical skills.
  • Focus on Mathematics. Our endeavors share the same underlying principle: the practice of mathematics must be a central focus of mathematics education.
  • Mathematical Practice Institute. Engaging teachers and students in the practice of mathematics.

The Practice of Mathematics

The widespread utility and effectiveness of mathematics come not just from mastering specific skills, topics, and techniques. Just as important is the development of the ways of thinking—the habits of mind—used to create the results.

The Standards for Mathematical Practice provide teachers and students with a web of mathematical habits of mind that can be used to bring coherence and parsimony to the ways in which students meet the content standards in the Common Core.

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